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Quizz épreuve d'anglais

Question 1
Are you sure ____ the survey by the end of next week ?

Question 2
Jane's ____, but I don’t know what ____.

Question 3
New software is ____ with this type of problem.

Question 4
Would you mind _____ advice about accommodation in Paris ?

Question 5
____ modern society is too violent.

Question 6
Did the speaker ____ that the economic situation ____ get worse if nothing were done about it ?

Question 7
The company ____ in new machinery until they had paid back their other debts.

Question 8
We ____ to contact Valerie since 9 o’clock this morning. She’s not in her office.

Question 9
____ of catching the train, we drove up to London and got stuck in a terrible traffic jam.

Question 10
Your report should have ____ finished by last Friday.


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