Professional profile

ESTA students enrich their future career paths by spending nearly 2 years in companies. Each year is punctuated with an in-company placement, 5 in all, lasting from 3 to 6 months. Whether it be in France or abroad, this professional immersion enables our students to gain real knowledge of the stakes and ways of working in the professional world. Companies recruiting Esta students will benefit from qualified talents who will prove to be real assets in the implementation of large scale projects.

International cooperation

ESTA students do several placements within their study cursus allowing them to acquire a strong professional experience during their studies. Three placements are particularly interesting for international cooperation:

  • The third year placement is dedicated to marketing and/or commercial activities. It compulsively takes place in a non-French speaking country. The placement permits ESTA students to discover a new culture, to practise their English skills and to develop their network. ESTA students bring to their company a new point of view, their knowledge of the French market, and generally all the knowledge and skills acquired during their studies.
  • The fourth-year placement shall take place in a marketing department. ESTA students contribute to the marketing strategy, conduct market studies, and participate in all kinds of marketing activities. They also do project management, prepare product launches, and do other activities.
  • The last placement is the fifth year Sales Engineering placement. Students finish their academic studies and apply all their knowledge and skills for challenging result oriented missions. In parallel, they write their final diploma thesis.


Placement details

1st year - Discovering production and industry


  • getting to know the  internal constraints of a production site
  • participating in a study in the field of organization and industrial methods, at the company’s request 

Dates : April to June

2nd year : Negotiating and sales prospecting


  • acquiring precise knowledge of the company’s sales procedure
  • promoting the brand image and technical details of the products and/or services
  • carrying out sales prospection
  • evaluating sales potential

Dates : January to March

3rd year : Developing a commercial project


  • participating in the implementation of marketing actions
  • carrying out sales prospection
  • analysing the internal working of the company and proposing recommendations for improvement
  • discovering a foreign culture and working methods

Dates : August to december

4th year : Operational marketing and market research


  • understanding procedures and methods
  • following the stages of an operational marketing plan

Dates : August to

5th year : Developing a commercial project


  • preparing, negotiating or following up a technical project
  • business development
  • marketing
  • discovering a foreign culture and working methods

Dates : February to July

For more information

If you want to collaborate with ESTA students, please send your placement or job offer to

Angélique GALLOY

Responsable des Relations Entreprises Head of corporate partnerships 07 86 61 36 83 03 84 54 54 76


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