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Dear incoming students,

The whole ESTA Team would be glad to welcome you during your academic exchange semester here in Belfort/ France. Created in 1986, ESTA aims at staying a small and family-style school where teachers can guide students, and where everybody knows each other. Today, we total about 280 students over five years. Our sales engineering education meets the requirements of both French and international companies. It is characterized by a multidisciplinary programme where students switch daily between technological, sales, marketing, management and other subjects.

This brochure gives you additional information about our school, Belfort and the surrounding region, as well as some important dates and conditions you should look at.

Interested in studying at ESTA Belfort? In discovering the French culture? In making new friends? Just get in touch with us at

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Application process

Application as an exchange student is open to students of ESTA’s partner universities; they must be nominated by their home institution for the exchange semester or double degree.

Nominated students will receive an application form they must complete and send back with some additional documents. The complete set of documents contain

  • The application form, completed by the student
  • The Learning Agreement, signed by the student and the sending institution, a copy signed by ESTA will be sent back to the student and the sending institution.
  • A copy of a valid identity card or passport (for students from EU countries and Switzerland)
  • Copies of the transcript of records of the previous years of study
  • A recent colour photo (portrait)

The application documents must be sent by the deadline indicated below.

Students from other European or international institutions may also be accepted on a case-by-case analysis. If you would like to apply as a visiting student, please contact us.

Language skills

Some lectures are taught in English, others in French. Therefore, sufficient language skills in both languages are necessary.

ESTA does not require an English or French Language Proficiency test from exchange students, i.e. they do not have to submit a TOEFL, IELTS, DELF/DALF etc., score to be admitted to ESTA. Nevertheless, exchange students should have at least level B2 following the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages in both languages.

Tuition fees / Scholarships

There are no tuition fees for exchange students coming from ESTA partner institutions. However, you need to cover the costs of everyday living in France, including accommodation and travel costs.

However, tuition fees can be applied to visiting students from European or international institutions without an Inter-Institutional Agreement.

ESTA does not offer scholarships for incoming students.

Application deadlines

Winter semester : 1 July

Summer semester : 20 December

For more information

Thomas RÖHR

Enseignant-chercheur en Gestion de Projet - Directeur des relations internationales Assistant Professor in Project Management, Head of International Relations, President of AASE

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