Research at ESTA

The research project of this young team was born out of the school's double skills teaching programme on the ESTA Belfort and ESTA Lyon campuses. This project is supported by two complementary axes :

  • The Engineering axis (Engineering Science), with the development of research projects on modelling, simulation, administration, supervision, performance assessment,design and optimization of products, processes and innovating services.
  • The management axis (Management Science), with the development of research projects on economic stakes, change, collaborative economy,knowledge flow within organizations, territories and innovating services.

ESTA has also declared 5 fields of application in its general stategy : 3 are anchored in the economic fabric of the Belfort campus (energy, mobility and sustainable homes) and 2 in Lyon (materials engineering and digital science). These fields have become a privileged framework for the Esta Lab' team's research applications.

A " mobility " chair for a duration of 5 years was thus created in May 2011 through an agreement between the Syndicat Mixte des Transports en Commun du Territoire de Belfort (Territoire de Belfort syndicate of public transport) and ESTA in Belfort. Cooperation with the " Pôle Vehicule du Futur " on European programmes and projects followed on from the creation of this chair.The creation of another chair corresponding to these fields of application on the Lyon campus is also under consideration.

Lastly, a transversal axis turned towards Open Innovation is gradually emerging.It is enriched, even called upon, by our constant collaboration with the industrial ecosystems of the two sites ( student placements, MTI Master's diploma, events management for local industrialists,partnerships with Research & Development and economic poles, the activity of ESTA Lab' etc ). Prospects for this transversal axis over the next four years include in particular the creation of a " living Lab ".ESTA also intends to act as a mediator in the development of innovation and collaborative industrial economy of the Lyon and north Franche Comté regions.