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School of Business & Technology

ESTA was created over 38 years ago by Belfort industrialists with the aim to train Sales Engineers skilled in selling their technical products on international markets. Sales Engineers sell technical products and services to companies; they consult the professional customer and suggest technically and economically feasible solutions with maximum utility for both the customer and their own company. For their job, Sales Engineers need technical knowledge as well as commercial skills*.

Today, ESTA is still a family style school with small classes and a close relationship between teachers and students. ESTA is strongly anchored in the local industrial ecosystem but also has close relationships with companies and universities in Europe and abroad.

* Source: Schneider-Störmann, L.: Technischer Vertrieb mit System: Einführung und Praxis des Technischen Vertriebs, Hanser-Technik (2015)

Right from the start, the cursus has been tailored to the expectations of the school’s founders, focusing on four educational pillars and satisfying the requirements of the Academic Association of Sales Engineering AASE. The studies are characterized by a multidisciplinary programme where students switch daily between technology, sales, marketing, management and other subjects. The education is enriched by intensive language training (English and German/Spanish/Italian) and by nearly two years of professional experience through five placements in companies, including one-term overseas placement.

ESTA students' academic exchange

ESTA students also have the opportunity to spend an academic exchange semester in one of ESTA's European partner universities. Or they can go for a whole academic exchange year to the University of Applied Sciences in Turku (Finland) or to the TH Aschaffenburg (Germany), thus enabling them to obtain both the local Engineering Bachelor's degree and the ESTA diploma thanks to a double degree agreement.

More than 1300 ESTA graduates have become the school’s ambassadors by applying their skills to the benefit of their respective companies. ESTA graduates are much sought after in industry, and more than 92% of graduates have a job contract 6 months after they obtain their diploma.


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